COL Robert E. Lowe
Deputy Director
Areas of Expertise: Policing Operations; Stability Operations; Military Police Advisor (Iraq & Afghanistan


COL Ed Lowe became the Deputy Director to PKSOI in April of 2013. HIs prior position at PKSOI was the Police Reform Advisor where he served since August 2012. During his 23 years of service, COL Lowe has served as an advisor to the Haitian police during Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (1995). He also served as the Multi-National Corps-Iraq Deputy Provost Marshal/Provost Marshal (2008 – 2009). During his time in Iraq he spent two months as the Multi-National Division (South) Provost Marshal where he assisted in advisory efforts in Basra, Iraq. Following his graduation from the US Army War College he deployed to Afghanistan (2011 – 2012) where he was the Senior Advisor/Program Manager to the Afghan National Civil Order Police. COL Lowe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from North Georgia College (Political Science & History) and graduate degrees from California State University (Humanities-History); Websters University (Business and Organizational Security Management) and the US Army War College (National Strategic Studies).

Publications by COL Robert E. Lowe:

COL Lowe co-authored a PKSOI Paper titled: Fostering a Police Reform Paradigm