Volume 2, Issue 4, July 2010

PKSOI and the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and Harvard Kennedy School Unviel MARO

Mass Atrocity Response Operations: A Military Planning Handbook

MARO Primary Authors: Sarah Sewall, Dwight Raymond, Sally Chin

The Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Project seeks to enable the United States and the international community to stop genocide and mass atrocity as part of a broader integrated strategy by explaining key relevant military concepts and planning considerations. The MARO Project is based on the insight that the failure to act in the face of mass killings of civilians is not simply a function of political will or legal authority; the failure also reflects a lack of thinking about how military forces might respond. States and regional and international organizations must better understand and prepare for the unique operational and moral challenges that military forces would face in a MARO.

A MARO describes a contingency operation to halt the widespread and systematic use of violence by state or non-state armed groups against non-combatants. The term MARO is not yet enshrined in military doctrine-but it should be.

Janine Davidson
"QDR [Quadrennial Defense Review that makes it clear that we should be prepared to respond to civilians in these sorts of mass atrocity environments. We should be prepared in a planning environment, too." - Janine Davidson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Col John Kardos

Recently retired Director of PKSOI, COL John Kardos makes the opening remarks.

PKSOI & Rutgers University Host Conferece:
New Armies From Old: Integrating Competing Military Forces after Civil Wars
Aug 31 - Sept 1, 2010


From Aug 31 to Sep 01 2010, PKSOI and Rutgers University are hosting a conference entitled, "New Armies From Old: Integrating Competing Military Forces after Civil Wars," in the Bradley Auditorium, Upton Hall, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Bringing together academics and practitioners from around the world, the conference examines the problems associated with integrating former warring factions into a new national army. With expert panelists relating their observations and study from various conflicts in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Philippines, the conference shall illuminate the challenges associated with building new armies out of the old remnants.

Please contact PKSOI at carl_pksoi_operations@conus.army.mil, please include New Armies From Old: Integrating Competing Military Forces after Civil Wars Conference in the subject line.

Sarah Sewall

"Mass atrocity, like counterinsurgency, like many of what were for a long time considered, non-traditional, unconventional military operations is very much apart of the landscape we face as a power that is concerned about global events" - Sarah Sewall, MARO Project Founder and Faculty Director

Sally Chin

Sally Chin, MARO Project Director explains the three major distinctions of a MARO.

May 5, 2010 U.S. Institute of Peace and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Launch Event

May 12, 2010 Harvard University Launch Event