"The US Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute promotes the collaborative development and integration of Peace and Stability capabilitites across the US government and the international community in order to enable the success of future Peace and Stability activities and missions."



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PKSOI's is built on the discover, analysis and sharing of key Observations, Insights, Lessons and Best Practices of particular interest to the global Peace and Stability Operations community. The program is focused at the strategic and operational levels. Lessons Learned content resides in the SOLLIMS database- an open sorce system based on the JLLIS architecture.


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NOTICE/25NOV14: PKSOI website is under review & redesign. To report problems use ASK DAVE or call directly to 717.245.3031.


Looking for Stability Ops doctrine? ..... Joint Pubs? ..... Current articles and other key documents? ...... Visit the PKSOI APAN** Collaboration Website


PKSOI APAN Collaboration Website

PKSOI has developed an APAN site to establish a web-based community of practice presence for all Peacekeeping and Stability Operations organizations and practioners to collaborate and share information. The PKSOI Peacekeeeping APAN site allows the P&SO community a forum for collaboration. The site contains document libraries for P&SO doctrine and concepts, information sharing opportunities for the P&SO community contact information, a portal for the user to upload any authored articles, and a discussion blog. NOTE: you will need to register for an APAN user account and then request access to the PKSOI community. **All Partners Access Network (APAN) is a collection of communities developed to foster information and knowledge sharing between the U.S. Dept of Defense and non-DOD entities who do not have access to 'CAC-enabled' DOD sites and networks.


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Internships at PKSOI...


PKSOI provides opportunities for up to 25 undergraduate and graduate level intern positions throughout the calendar year. Interns are assigned tasks based upon the student's area of study. interns are treated as full-fledged members of the PKSOI staff. A member of the PKSOI staff is designated as a mentor for each intern to provide direction and guidance for the individual's research/study project.


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